A sense of place can be spiritual, beautiful, awesome, disturbing, simple, or complex.

To capture this “sense of place,” different elements from studies are combined to make a composition. Canaletto inspired me to paint urban scenes with realistic detail and Martin Johnson Heade tantalized me with romanticism. My edges are soft and blended with images developed by applying many thin layers of oil paint. Working on a dark under painting, more depth, luminosity and vibrancy of color are achieved. Directional light with double images and reflections are important to me. I like a classical focal center point on the canvas, and utilize a juxtaposition of hard, dense, and solid against soft, translucent, and fluid in my work. 

After formal training, my quest has been about the pursuit of growth. How to make a better composition, and convey emotion with line, color, paint, texture, and subject matter. How to deal with light and dark, and make more interest, as in double images and reflections. How to make water and sky have movement, and make a landscape have a sense of place.